DeepTrade leads the innovation of AI trading.



DeepTrade is a pioneering quantitative trading firm that combines sophisticated quantitative research, cutting-edge AI technology, and an entrepreneurial culture.

Our mission is to become the most successful trading firm in the world, by tackling complex challenges and identifying unique opportunities in the markets.

We hire the best computer scientists, machine learners, and mathematicians to innovate in the world of algorithmic trading.



DeepTrade is founded by Dr. Kang, a Professor of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) at Seoul National University (SNU) and the director of Data Mining Lab at SNU CSE.

The team has led the cutting-edge researches in quantitative trading, machine learning, data mining, and large scale data processing.

The team has shown its competence with numerous world-class awards (e.g., IEEE ICDM 10-year best paper award and ACM KDD doctoral dissertation award) and top-tier research papers (e.g., NeurIPS and KDD).


What We Do

We work together to share trade ideas, address risks, build softwares, and explore new market opportunities.

We use machine learning and deep learning technologies to analyze massive market and financial data sets.

We identify market inefficiencies using advanced quantitative and AI-based techniques for trading.


Artificial Intelligence

We use sophisticated AI-based algorithms to develop cutting-edge trading strategies.

Up-to-Date Strategies

Our trading strategies are continuously and automatically updated to exploit new market trends and opportunities.

Trading Infrastructure

We have a robust trading infrastructure, including always up-to-date global financial and market data repository, and automated trading decision system.


We hire talents with outstanding skills in machine learning, math, and programming. To learn more about our opportunities, contact

Quantitative Researcher

We seek quantitative researchers to develop next-generation systematic trading strategies. You will develop and apply advanced AI methods on various datasets, and implement trading algorithms.

Software Engineer

We seek software engineers to build softwares for trading. You will develop the next generation of our machine learning and data science infrastructure.


We are located in 301-502, at Seoul National University.